General Rules (rules may vary by location. Contact your local office to confirm)


  •  All arbitration is final and binding.
  •  For all arbitration purposes, Sale Day is considered Day 1.
  •  MAA makes the final decision on all arbitration issues.
  •  MAA reserves the right to determine if a vehicle is unsafe.
  •  MAA reserves the right to void any deal at any time if we believe the buyer was not granted a fair and ethical sale
  •  MAA reserves the right to consider normal wear & tear as part of the decision making process.
  •  Inspect every vehicle you bid on prior to the auction, Metro Auto Auction is not liable for buyer’s mistakes
  •  GREEN LIGHT GUARANTEE ENDS ON SALE DAY AT 5PM (NO EXCEPTIONS AND VEHICLES CANNOT BE EXITED).  At any point during Sale Day if the vehicle leaves without getting a Post-Sale Inspection the Buyer can no longer Arbitrate the vehicle for mechanical reasons.  Frame issues are the only exception for this policy; 7 days to notify the Arbitration Dept from time of sale for in state Buyers and 14 days to notify the Arbitration Dept for out of state Buyers.  
  •  All vehicles sold for $3000 and less are considered AS IS.
  •  All vehicles sold for under $1000 are sold absolutely AS IS without arbitration of any kind unless otherwise announced. However, title rules still apply.
  •  MAA only accepts AutoCheck history reports and does not honor CarFax history reports for arbitration purposes.
  •  MAA uses an internal, wholesale labor rate of $85/hour for all arbitration purposes.
  •  MAA reserves the right to use aftermarket, remanufactured and used parts as part of arbitration policy.

What can be arbitrated?

Structural Damage, as outlined by the NAAA Structural Damage Policy.

Any single major undisclosed defect that would cost over $600 to repair that was not announced is subject to arbitration. Any defect that was announced is not subject to arbitration. 

The arbitrator will inspect only the item or issue raised by the buyer during the arbitration process; no other items will be considered or subject to arbitration during the arbitration inspection.

Metro Auto Auction reserves the right to refer the vehicle to a specialty shop for consultation. If a specialty shop is consulted, the party against whom the arbitration decision is made must pay all costs of the diagnosis, including transportation or towing fees, if applicable.

The buyer must pay an arbitration fee of $100 to all vehicles not subject to arbitration. If the arbitrator determines that the buyer’s claim is legitimate, then the seller will be responsible for the arbitration fee.

The decision of the arbitration manager is final and binding on both the buyer and seller. By entering the arbitration process, the buyer is agreeing to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision. By consigning a vehicle at MAA, the seller agrees to participate in any process initiated by the buyer.

What is NOT subject to arbitration?

Wearable items including:

  •  Windshields and other glass items
  •  Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  •  Upholstery, headliners, mats and trim
  •  Visible rust
  •  Visible body damage
  •  Axle joints, CV joints, driveshaft
  •  Springs, shocks, tires, brakes, suspensions, clutch assemblies and cooling systems, heater core, power steering, tune-ups and exhaust (mufflers, piping, etc.)
  •  AS IS/Red Light vehicles
  •  The following must be disclosed under Red Light:
  •  Odometer discrepancies
  •  Structural Damage (according to NAAA standards)

Push/Tow/Inop Units
AS IS no arbitration of any kind except for title branding.
Specialty Vehicles
Boats, motor homes, antiques (20 years or older), equipment, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, kit cars, exotic cars.

The following MUST be announced or the vehicle may be arbitrated:

  •  Grey market vehicles (does not include vehicles manufactured in a foreign country where the first country of use is the US)
    •  Canadian, Mexican etc.
  •  Altered vehicle model emblems or misbadging
    •  SE to LE etc.
  •  Heavy Modifications
  •  Performance Modifications (Chips, Tuners, Mechanical Parts, etc.)
  •  Previous fire damage
  •  Previous Flood damage
  •  Municipal vehicles (Police, Fire, City, State, etc.)
  •  Odometer inoperative or mileage not properly disclosed
    •  Over
    •  TMU
  •  Salvage title, previous salvage or branded title
  •  Biohazard vehicles
  •  Lemon law or manufactures buy back vehicles
  •  Vehicles manufactured without air conditioning (AC system must be present)
  •  State issued VIN plates/Re-assigned VIN Plates
  •  Vehicles sold on an MSO or CO
  •  Converted fuel engines (not Hybrids)
  •  Previous Theft History (Title branding, Autocheck)

Arbitration times are as follows (Sale Day is Day 1):

  • Green Light Sale Day 5pm (vehicles cannot be exited)
  • Red Light Sale Day 5pm (vehicles cannot be exited)
  • Misbadging Sale Day
  • Frame/Uni-body Damage 7 Days/14 Days out of State
  • Voided Factory Warranty 7 Days/14 Days out of State
  • No Title 30 Days
  • Salvage, Previous salvage or branded title 90 Days
  • Flood/Fire History 90 Days
  • Theft History 90 Days

*Auction reserves the right to extend periods at their discretion.**

Returning Vehicles

When returning a vehicle, you must notify the Arbitration manager and the vehicle must be accepted. If a vehicle is returned for any reason, no more than 200 miles will be allowed in excess of the original miles when it sold at MAA.

The vehicle must be in the same or better condition when returned then when purchased.

The maximum allowable expense reimbursement for a returned vehicle is $600.00 (transportation expenses only)

Lost profits, commissions, vehicle reconditioning, floor plan fees etc will not be reimbursed.

Late Title Policy
Seller has 30 calendar days to provide a negotiable title to the buyer. If a title is not provided within 30 calendar days, the buyer may return the vehicle. Buyer must provide 24 hour notice to MAA office manager for all vehicles being returned for late title, regardless of how late the title is. All other rules for returning vehicles apply.

**Regardless of the 24 hour notice, if the title arrives at Metro Auto Auction before the vehicle, SALE STAYS TOGETHER.**

Revised Policy Date:  03/03/2021